Please fill out as much information on this form as possible. Fill out the "Last Date Observed" if it appears as though the bird has left the area before report has been submitted. Specify Species, Age, and Sex where they can be positively determined. City and County will be needed for mapping the distribution. Flower vs. Feeder will determine the effect of feeders on the frequency of observations. It will also be an indication as to if they may be candidates for trapping and banding. Your name and e-mail are requested for follow-up on sightings including determining length of stay of an individual or possible banding opportunities. Additional comments allows you to pass on any other information you determine of special interest (ex: favorite food source, reasons for species/sex/age ID, interest in banding etc.).

Please e-mail any questions or comments to me at

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Feeding at Feeder?

Feeding at Flowers?

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