Please adopt me!!!

Help me to escape this jungle that I'm forced to live in. I live here to hide from the wild cats that roam the neighborhood.

The natives have been nice to me, leaving food and occasionally picking the bugs out of my fur. They have to set the food bowl in a bowl of water to keep the assorted crawling insects (that I have to live with) from getting into the food. I would hope they would take me in but I see three hairy creatures already living with them. One of them seems to like staring at me through a glass barrier, looking as though he wants to "play" with me (as a cat plays with a mouse). They also have a feathered creature living with them. It must really be mean. They keep it in a cage and it makes horrendous screaching noises every morning.

I heard the natives talking about an upcoming population increase that is going to force them to leave their home for a bigger land that will better support their larger family. They believe the jungle will be clear cut by the next inhabitants in order to "beautify" the area and make room for a bar-b-que set.

If you can help, please call (813) 988-4548. I've got plenty of love to give. It's a proven fact that my love can reduce your stress levels, thus reducing your chances of suffering any stress related illnesses.

Please help me!!! I don't even have a name.

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